How Can You Tell a Real Diamond from a Fake One?

//How Can You Tell a Real Diamond from a Fake One?

How Can You Tell a Real Diamond from a Fake One?

When you are buying any diamond jewelry, you will be worried whether the piece you are purchasing is genuine. However, it can be hard to know for sure whether you are getting real or fabricated diamond, especially when dealing with unauthenticated diamond dealers. This consumer guide will help you identify the real gem from the fakes.
Water Test
Look for pure water. Put it in a jar and drop your diamond in the container. If the stone does not sink, you have fake. Diamond is denser than water so it must sink.
Fog Test
Blow hot air through your mouth directly over the diamond stone. Observe whether the moisture deposited on the gem will dry quickly or it lingers on the surface for a long time. Diamond is a great conductor of heat; thus, the moisture should vaporize fast. However, if you realize that the water takes long, you may have simulated diamond.

Establish the Checking
Following that diamond fetches a premium price in the market, you will realize that manufacturers only set on materials such as gold and platinum. You will know the setting of your ring by looking at it closely. If it is set on gold, it will have markings such as 18K or PT to mean platinum.
Heat Test
Take a lighter and heat your diamond gemstone for some few minutes. You can hold it using a pair of forceps or pliers. Once it has acquired significant heat, drop it in a glass full of cold water. If it shatters, you have a fake. Diamond crystals are extremely hard and compact and are not affected by heat in any way.
UV Light Test
Place your gem underneath a UV light. Wait for a few minutes. It should emit blue light. However, you should be informed that not all diamond stones emit the light when placed under UV light. Therefore, you may want to use other tests in case this test does not give the expected results.
Buying diamonds is a huge investment and you to make sure you are buying the real stone. By using the tips above, you can be safe from unscrupulous diamond merchants and also make sure you get a stone to cherish a lifetime.


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