How to Buy a Diamond Ring without Getting Duped

//How to Buy a Diamond Ring without Getting Duped

How to Buy a Diamond Ring without Getting Duped

Diamond are precious gems for anyone looking to commemorate special moments. That explains why they fetch premium prices in the market. If you have to spend your hard earned cash on a diamond ring, it must be on the real stone and nothing less. People have lost thousands to scammers selling fake crystals to unsuspecting buyers. Here are great tips to help you avoid getting ripped off with a cheap knock-off.
Buy from certified diamond dealers
Perhaps you assume that buying the shiniest diamond is the surest way of ensuring that your gem is authentic. Think again! Real diamonds are rarely flawlessly clean. The shining stones you are buying might as well be a simulated diamond manufactured using Zirconia. They have all the qualities of the precious stone, and only an expert can tell the difference. However, you can stay safe by buying from the certified and reputable diamond dealers such as the Brilliant Erath.
Familiarize With the 4Cs
The value of a diamond is defined by color, clarity, cut, and cut. Before you buy a ring, know how these factors will influence the price of your jewelry. For example, a round diamond ring often fetches higher prices than fancy design while a 0.5-carat ring is cheaper than 1.0 carat ring. Brilliant Earth experts will help you learn these tricks freely.
The Breath Test
This test is based on the fact that diamond is a good heat conductor. Once you have your stone, draw breathe directly on the gem. If it is authentic, the vapor will dry almost immediately because it will extract heat from the breath vapor. On the contrary, the vapor will remain for long when on a simulated diamond.
Perhaps you have realized a shop with cheaper, shiny, and fine-looking diamond rings. The marketers are convincing you that the rings are made out of pure gold, and they are offering a discount. Beware you might be about to be duped. Simulated diamonds are hard to differentiate from the real stones. However, a very low price should warn you that the diamond is not genuine.
Buying diamond is a huge investment. Therefore, you should be extra careful and avoid online stores with incredible offers. Always test your diamond before you pay, you will save your money and get a real diamond that will last for years.


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