Your Best Vintage Jewelry Buying Guide

//Your Best Vintage Jewelry Buying Guide

Your Best Vintage Jewelry Buying Guide

Buying vintage jewelry can give you the satisfaction of owning a gem that looks like that of your icon. Besides, old is gold. You are assured that certain jewelry is authentic because it is over 50 years old, but the lustre is still as bright as the day it was made. Unluckily, it can be complex to find what you want because many websites are counterfeiting jewelry so perfectly that you cannot differentiate an authentic from a fake. This guide by Brilliant Earth will help you know where, when, and how to spot real vintage gems.
Know your Luxury Brands
Before you set out to buy vintage jewelry, conduct research on the reputable brands. You can count on Brilliant Earth to help you identify the popular brands of all times. Once you identify these brands, it will be easy to select the best options from any online or brick & mortar store platform.
Check History of Your Design
Take your time to look up the history and know when specific vintage jewelry was made. The knowledge of the year a specific design was made can help you have a rough estimate of its value. For instance, a 1930 diamond chain would fetch a higher price than a vintage chain of 1950. Avoid getting ripped off by jewelers looking for people who know nothing about vintage jewelry.
Confirm Signature Markings
Counterfeiters have perfected their art and sometimes it’s extremely hard to differentiate the real thing and the fake one. Before you purchase any jewelry, be sure to check the logos or any design flaw that can help you know a counterfeit version. The fact is, a counterfeit version is considered as a simulated gem and should fetch much lower price than an original piece. Be informed to avoid getting ripped off.
Location of Manufacture
Sometimes it appears like the general knowledge that you will check out the place your gem was manufactured, but many people ignore this. For instance, if the authentic manufacturer of a given brand is based in Italy, then you realize that your vintage piece is manufactured in China or Taiwan, you are then about to buy a counterfeit.
Vintage jewelry is a timeless treasure. Shop wisely and you will get real antique pieces. Many people claim to have original vintage jewelry, but not everyone is genuine. However, it’s possible to find magical antique pieces to give you that classy old fashioned look.


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